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Medical Spa West LA & La Cañada Flintridge | Skin Specifics | Brown Spots and Pigmentation
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Brown Spots and Pigmentation


Patient Treated for Brown Spots BEFORE and AFTER.


Due to sun damage or Hyperpigmentation, these treatments will help:





Is an advanced peel containing a few types of acids and you will see visible skin peeling in a few days lasting up to one week. The number of peels one needs will be determined by the extent of the sun damage. Peels are a great option for most people who can afford some days of peeling.


IPL Photo Facial

IPL uses light to break up melanin granules in the skin. IPL works best for light or fair skin, and also helps reduce the redness of Rosacea. IPL decreases capillaries and redness around the nose and cheek skin. With IPL Brown spots related sun damage will darken and slough off in about a week. IPL works best for sun damage but will not work for pigmentation caused by hormonal activation such as melasma.


Skin Lightening Creams

Most often non-prescription skin lightning products will offer little benefit. At Skin Specifics we offer prescription strength Retinoids, retinoid/hydroquinone creams and lactic/kojic acid creams for home use in a variety of combinations and concentrations. These skin-lightening creams are best used at home for months if not years for best results and suppression of melasma. With continued use at home these topical skin lighteners will rejuvenate your skin remarkably if you persist with the regimen. Redness and peeling are however not unusual with use of retinoids and any of our skin lightening products. Sun protection is strongly advised while using these skin lighteners as they will make your skin more sun sensitive and increase the risk of sunburn.