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Medical Spa West LA & La Cañada Flintridge | Skin Specifics | Sallow and Uneven Skin Tone
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Sallow and Uneven Skin Tone

In your 20’s you might not have done much to maintain the glow, but the following decades bring sallow, uneven skin. Poor diet, lack of exercise, poor maintenance and environmental stresses will dull your complexion. A treatment that takes off that layer of sallow, dry skin on the surface and unclogs those oil glands will help you put back the glow that is missing. A bright beautiful complexion will need work as you enter your 30’s and more work with each successive decade.



Creams used, as a home regimen will speed up the rate of skin/cell turnover, which brings the brighter skin to the surface and will even out any irregularities in color and texture. We have a variety of skin lighteners and acids for home use. Retinoids should be included in your long term at home skin care plan for maintaining texture/tone and glow. Not everyone however is a candidate for Retin-A use.

Chemical Peels

Apeels, TCA peels all work the same way. Chemical Peels will peel a light layer of skin revealing a bright healthy epidermis with more of glow.


Cosmelan Depigmentation Treatment

Is also a great option for brightening and decreasing the affects of sun damage and melasma (hormonally induced pigmentation).


Extracting facials with either some dermaplaning or a Microdermabrasion will lift off and extract. Dermaplaning is an effective way of exfoliation. Using a sterile surgical blade we shave, or remove, the dead skin cells from the epidermis (the very top most layer). Along with exfoliating, dermaplaning also helps remove the unwanted velus hairs from the face. Your skin will feel very much smoother.