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Medical Spa West LA & La Cañada Flintridge | Skin Specifics | Jowls
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no-pain-leftThe appearance of “Jowls” is a frequent complaint of many of our clients. The jowls are caused by a loss of volume and the skin not having the volume to “hold it up”. If you are not ready for a surgical lift, adding volume to the mid face or at a certain point in the jaw line can lift the skin and camouflage the jowls to some extent. Radiesse or Juvederm Ultra Plus or Restylane Lyft are good volumizing fillers for this problem. It is reasonable to expect that filling and correcting jowls will require a couple of syringes of filler whether Juvederm, Radiesse or Restylane Lyft. It is evidenced in filler research that the initial treatment with any filler will require the most amount of filler and subsequent visits will not require as much for maintaining volume.