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Medical Spa West LA & La Cañada Flintridge | Skin Specifics | Microcannula Skin Sculpting Technique (SST)
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Microcannula Skin Sculpting Technique (SST)

Using the blunt-tip microcannula as an alternative to the sharp needles has simplified filler injections.  We have the ability to inject an entire lip, nasolabial fold, mid face, jaw line, cheek, temple area, or dorsum of the hand using a single or double puncture site.  Fewer punctures are necessary with the microcannula as compared to the hypodermic needle; thereby, reducing procedure time, pain, and bleeding. The microcannula provides benefits over hypodermic needles in terms of being less traumatic, less painful, and an easier route of injection for dermal fillers. Also, less dermal fillers are required with the microcannula.  This method of injecting originates in France and is known as the “Skin Sculpting Technique”.  An additional benefit of this method is its ability to stimulate collagen synthesis by itself. The motion of the microcannula within the skin by itself causes a mechanical stimulation of fibroblast and thus the production of NEW collagen. We at Skin Specifics almost exclusively use blunt cannulas for filler injections except when we inject very superficial lines, scars or the vertical upper lip lines.

Filler injections have truly become a lunchtime procedure. You don’t have to take off from work or hide in your house anymore, as there will no bruising if blunt cannulas are used.


Regular needle vs Cannula


Cannula Needle Tip